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March 13, 2019

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Choosing the right outfit and jewelry each day is often a daunting task and most women spend several minutes to complete this task each morning. It can be very overwhelming to know exactly what type of jewelry should be worn with each type of outfit. The following tips and information will guide those who need some extra help in choosing the perfect jewelry pieces for each daily ensemble.

Focus on Matching Jewelry with the Occasion.

Take some extra time to think about the tasks that need to be completed each day and match this up with appropriate jewelry. This step helps to keep everything in balance and avoids over accessorizing for certain events. Wear glamorous jewelry pieces to church, weddings and major events and simple pieces to work or spending the day with the kids.

Bold Jewelry and Bold Clothing.

Bold jewelry and busy patterns do not work well together because they create a very harsh look. Focus on choosing solid colored jewelry when wearing clothing with bold prints or heavy textures. Focusing on balance is the best way to create a beautiful look and the less is more rule always applies when it comes to choosing the right jewelry.

Choose Statement Earrings that Match the Shape of the Face.

Statement earrings are one of the best ways to draw attention to the face. It is important to choose the right size of earring to match the face shape. Triangle earring and large stud earring look good with oval-shaped faces and heart-shaped faces should consider drop down earrings that do not taper near the end.

Take Time to Consider Skin Tone and Hair Color.

It is important to think about skin tone when choosing colored jewelry pieces. Gold looks very good with darker hair and warmer skin tones should choose orange, yellow or green colored jewelry stones. Cooler skin tones should focus on choosing white gold pieces with red, blue or purple gemstones.

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