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December 16, 2018

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Street Art That Will Most Definitely Inspire Your To Change Your Life.

Street art has been there all over the world and it mainly involves paintings which are breathe taking but which are known to create political and social awareness among the public. Talented individuals ae best known or identified by being able to turn ordinary objects into art work. Amazing street art inspires or changes people in some way. This has always been the case when the piece of art get exposed to the public. These four examples of eye-catching urban art are sure to make an impact on your life.

There’s Hope for the Hopeless. This particular piece of art is found in Nashville and it is one of the coolest street arts ever as it incorporates nature into its design. The encouraging message is created with moss pops against a white wall. This particular graphic designer wanted to mainly reach out to all those who were struggling with life and who were facing hardship day in day out. The graphic designer went a step further to state that “Hope is so important in life. Without it, we will crumble.” Her statement was so catchy that we believe that it can be used as a depression quote.

There is also the legend of the giants. This larger-than-life mural was created by Polish artist Natalia Rak in Bialystok, Poland. Not only is the scale of the piece impressive, but the vibrant colors are breathtaking. The tree is taken care by a girl who reminds all about the importance of nature. This is a piece of art that interacts with real life. Natalia was inspired by local mythology about giants. She said, “First they destroy [the] world around them but later they start to copy human behavior and started taking care of nature.”

Another piece of art that will change your life is the Rage, Flower Thrower. This art was designed by an anonymous artist who mainly specialized in passing the political and social message. This piece of art has been known to impact individuals lifesome timee sometimes now. It even attracted tourists in Paris. This piece of art has been designed in such a way that it makes a point with the use of a bouquet of flowers and angry contestants. Banksy’s political messages and beliefs make their way into many examples of his work.

Never Give Up. This piece of street art was created by Thierry Guetta. This particular artist has a pop art style that he used to pass inspirational messages to the public. This piece of art is a graffiti which encourages individuals to continue striving no matter what. These four street arts have been live changing to many.