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October 14, 2018

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Key Elements When Writing to Inmates Through Pen Pal Programs

Studies have revealed that the arrangement of pen pal for inmates programs have played an essential role in helping to rehabilitate prisoners. Inmates seek pen friends due to various reasons. some are after friendship, mentorship, support or even love. The convicts stated that through pen pal programs they feel more accepted and less isolated. In this way, therefore, the prisoners get hope and enhance their self confidence . Therefore, for quality communication with pen pal inmate, follow these points.

First and foremost, prisoners are not allowed to access the internet of computers. Consequently, pen pal for inmates has to be done in writing of mails. Inmates are offered an opportunity to get their profiles updated online. You will then have to write to those that you find appealing. click here for more.

Your first letter will be of introduction. Take time to describe yourself to the inmate. Ensure that you inform the inmate about your physical aspects such as color, age, height, complexion and much more. You may also want to share with the prisoner about your beliefs, interests and even occupation. You may also want to share with the inmate about your family and interests. It is not advisable to offer them too many personal details such as your phone number. The primary way that they can contact you is through collect calls. However, these are charged on high rates. To learn more, click here.

Furthermore, make sure you write personalized letters. No matter the number of inmates you are writing, avoid duplicated messages. By doing this, you will lose touch of conversation and even loose meaning with the process. An individual will be able to tell when the letter is generalized or addressed directly to them.

Check to ensure that the letter is clear. Take time t type your message for clarity purposes. Nonetheless, if you have a presentable handwriting, then it is even proper to use it. Most inmates prefer letters written with a handwriting method as they give a personal aspect to the dialogue. But again, go with what is best for you.

Another option is to attach photos in the letter. However, this is not necessary. One photo should be of the full view of your body while one with the upper view. Use a friendly pose that will attract your pen pal. This way you will be able to connect well with your pen pal.

As you continue to connect with several female and male prisoners, you will also learn more about their interests hobbies and much more. You will notice that different inmates have different personalities. However, among them, you will find one that you share interests and personalities.